Content is the best route to shorten Path to Purchase - Sanchita Johri

by Sanchita Johri
The connected consumer today is spending more than 1/3rd of their day on their mobile phones in Asia Pacific. They’re consuming, creating and sharing all kinds of content. When they’re not doing it on their mobile phones, they’re using their laptops and if not on either of the two, then it’s smart televisions.

With the lockdown in place this has only amplified with screen time going up drastically as people switch between chat/calls/more on WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft, WeChat, Line and other group video calling - to OTT channels like Netflix, Disney, Prime Video and others - to apps/sites for online shopping be it grocery, specialists or marketplaces - to social apps like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more to other service apps, gaming, news or more be it maps, taxis, food, telemedicine, disease control and more. 

So as the multi-screen behaviour combines with omni-channel buying and then further combines with entertainment- what we will get is the future of connected commerce - which is almost already here. 

The reason I set that context is - to my mind content needs to be either useful, engaging, informative or entertaining and as people consume either of this content-  if brands and businesses can make it easier for the consumer to close the loop on related products the better it will be. Basically help people buy in real time anything they see and like by enabling a few clicks or maybe one ;) to land them to a product display page and a buy cart. 

Content is the best route to shorten the path to purchase. 

The kind of content someone is consuming lets you identify intent, intent allows you to know where they are in their consumer/shopper journey, which in turn allows you to target the consumer with the most appropriate message. This works well when someone has pulled that content so you can then intercept them with the right message - much like what we do in search marketing. Depending on the query you know whether an audience is in market (wants to buy) or not. 

The opportunity to my mind that opens up with OTT or entertainment content is how do you take a lean back audience and get them to buy your brand. You can do it the old way by putting an ad spot like has always been done or place your product into the content which has also been done - but what if while watching a series you could buy any product your favourite stars are wearing in that scene? This isn’t too far away. Online catalogue buying is evolving as it will merge with entertainment. So you can buy that dress or shoe your favourite celebrity is wearing in that show while still watching the show on your favourite OTT channel. 

The future of connected commerce isn’t combining just offline and online retail for omni-channel experiences, it’s also about integrating your shopping experience for consumers with the content they’re consuming by creating a frictionless commerce experience. 

Great storytelling, coupled with the power of great visuals and messaging, the pull of your favourite stars combined with great brands offering a frictionless connected commerce experience with the right call to action is what will enable our current consumer/shopper value chain offering to evolve.

Go where the eyeballs are!

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the author are solely those of the author in personal capacity.