Things about content marketing you should know

by ACN Editor
We can’t deny from the fact that content marketing today is on everyone’s agenda, but it is very difficult to get it right. No doubt, you may have created the best piece of content on a particular subject, but the main question is – did you get the expected results like visits, conversions, and ROI, of course? If you really want success, then the first and foremost thing is, you understand that just creating the finest piece of content doesn’t guarantee to make you a winner.     
Here, in today’s post, we have brought you 4 essential pieces of knowledge that you may not have known before but are really important to highly boost your chances of success. So, let’s have a quick look: 

- Create content on topics un-explored by competitors
You spend a lot of time in doing research, creating your piece of content, and even improving it. Apart from this, you also comprise wonderful visuals, explainer videos, etc. to make any write-up more interesting and attractive. When you get the content published, it gets some visits, and after that the traffic disappears. And it becomes quite annoying when you see your competitor brand getting frequent visitors even if its content is run of the mill – and you know that. 
So, now what you need to do is just pick your battles and make a small beginning. Think about planning a good content strategy. For example, crack down on writing on specific topics that your challengers have not covered yet. Know your competitor’s weak points and your strengths and leverage that. 

- Make your content multi-purpose 
You are investing a great deal of time in research to create an informative and eye-catching & engaging piece of content. Why not leverage that investment by producing other types of articles as well. Let’s take an example, an evergreen article or blog post can (partially) be reused as a conference talk, support article, podcast topic, guest post, etc. Here, it is safe to say that with a flexible content you can simply triple the ROI on your investment. Re-purposing of content can quickly give you scale saving a lot of money which you would have otherwise spent on creating fresh content leading to long lead times. 

- Producing the best content is not tough, it just needs hard work
Yes, that is true. Producing the most excellent content isn’t that difficult. It is only the hard work that your content creation needs. You got it right – there is no shortcut. You need to concentrate on creating something that gives value to the visitors. Ensure that your piece of content nails their search goal which could be seeking information or entertainment. You need to think like your potential visitors. Just think of the best way that can best satisfy their session’s objective. 

- Core content can get you the best ROI
Do you know what core content is? It is actually the content that your readers are fascinated about, that is closely related to your products or services. Keep in mind that not all core content will do well just by itself. It is advised to produce related content around the core content that draws the visitors in and after that encourages them to read your content. Furthermore, you can seek overlapping in topics that your spectators are struggling with. And when you find out new content topics, chew over them vigilantly. Obviously, for short-term achievement, spending money on a piece that’s not associated with your business’ products or services is most likely not the right thing to do.

Content Marketing is not just about producing the best piece of writing, but you also need to ensure that you get the best ROI out of it. And for this, you have to give importance to content distribution (means promoting your content to online audiences in different media formats via different channels), create a write-up that is relevant to your business, and use it again for different purposes. Exert yourself and choose the fights wherein you think you are likely to beat the competition. Also, keep an eye on average length of visitors’ stay on your article page online, page views per visit, and social shares for best content measurement (measuring the success of your content assets on the internet).