State of Content Marketing in India 2019

by ACN Editor

The largest content marketign event in APAC, CMS Asia, at its 9th edition in India, has released the latest State of Content Marketing report which encapsulates the trends in content marketing discipline. The report is a result of largest CMO study on Content Marketing in India. 

The generated report has come into light after a survey which was conducted to ask the C-suite executives and Senior Marketers in India about a range of content marketing topics including strategy, audience development, technology proficiency, and content types. Agency Reporter and CMS Asia jointly went ahead with a comprehensive survey on content marketing. The results present the data from senior marketers in India and further help them find the scope of content marketing and the type of content to develop in their respective businesses.

The study is a joint initiatve by Content Marketing Summit Asia & Agency Reporter. 

RP Singh, Chief Curator of CMS Asia, states, “The data clearly shows how India has grown as a Content Marketing market as compared to our last report 2 years back. We have been successfully able to address “HOW” part of Content Marketing whereas ‘WHAT’ dominated in 2017 report. It is quite interesting to know that marketers are finding content-based marketing very successful and they continue to invest more and more in relevant content for their consumers.”

Rahul Puri, Editor - Agency Reporter, “There’s a reason why marketing experts call content marketing “one of the most authentic, useful, and perfectly suited marketing for every generation”. People are consuming a variety of data at different times, on different devices. The Indian marketers have understandably, honed their ability to take one big chunk of content, remarket it to different people at a different time on different devices successfully. The increased interest of marketers in the regional/vernacular content can be considered as a key finding because of it being an effective content marketing strategy in the near future. There are various such questions that run in the back mind of marketers, which we really tried to address in this report.”

The data analyzed via this survey shows a healthy trend of a growing Content Marketing ecosystem in India. How can marketers keep this momentum? How can they take content marketing to the next level? To provide such answers, the survey looked at how most successful respondents do these things differently than the overall marketers’ population.

Download your copy of the report here