New to Social Video Marketing? Explore these basic tips

by ACN Editor
Social Video Marketing
On the whole, social video is any video content that you produce and share via social networks. Indeed, such videos can be daily posts, ads, stories, profile videos, etc. No matter, where you post the video, its key goal is time and again the same, i.e. to motivate your viewers to connect with your business and consider it. 

There are various types of social media videos that assure you of encouraging that connection and promoting your brand. Have a short glimpse:   

About Us Videos
This is a type of social video in which you share what your business does, and more significantly, why it does it. It is of course a good idea to clarify what makes you different from your opponents and what makes your brand out of the ordinary. Apart from this, you can also show up the exclusive value of your brand and tell your company’s history or journey to success. And if you are not able to settle on which angle to choose, you can make 3 different videos and look at a different phase of your story in all.

Consumer-focused Videos
Producing videos that crack down on your clients can help to look after your bond with all your regulars. The clients whom you include in your video will feel special, and are about to share the content on their wall. This way you can also produce an online community around your brand which is. of course, a good thing.

Always try to make such videos with users’ knowledge and consent. Moreover, don’t forget to tag them in the video while sharing it on social media, and show gratitude towards them in the post as well.

Event Videos
Share recaps and create live stories during the event as this will help your social viewers fancy they are a part of it. Not merely this, but you can also go for a Facebook Live event in order to build an instant back-and-forth between your brand as well as your audience. 

Videos Based on ‘How-to’
A lot of people don’t know but the fact is that these types of videos are a long-time favourite on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Here, you don’t need to relate it with product demo, as how-to videos endow viewers with learning that they might be fascinated about though they’ve connected to your brand before.

The tip is to hit upon the subject matters that connect your brand and will keep your business top of mind; for example exercising everyday if you run a fitness club.

Product Demo Videos
We also call them explainer videos and certainly these are just a fantastic way to display your product. If we talk about great storytellers, they prefer to show instead of just telling. Therefore, rather than just telling your viewers why your product is amazing, it is good to produce a video that shows what it does and why it is good for your clients. 

Announcements Videos
If you have any special announcement for your spectators, then just let them know, in particular, through videos. We accept that videos are a remarkable mode for making announcements, as with this you are precisely able to express your enthusiasm in front them.

No matter, if you want to introduce a new hire, share information regarding a new place of work or declare new features on your software, these types of videos can for sure be electrifying. 

Last but not least, it is safe to say that various types of videos should be used on every social media platform. As videos, which are uploaded via the platforms’ local video features, are in general prioritized in their newsfeeds (rather than YouTube links), you can save yourself some time to edit your videos using video making software. Also, remember to include captions in your videos while creating them so you don’t need to add them on all the platforms individually. 

So, what types of videos you want to make for your viewers now?