4 Ways to ace Influencer Strategy for your Brand

by ACN Editor
Influencer marketing is an efficient way for brands to cut the clutter and stand out in an otherwise content overloaded social media. According to a recent survey, a strong recommendation from an influencer on social media carries more chances of conversions than the recommendation coming from an ordinary user. A 2018 survey by Twitter shows that 40 % of Twitter users make purchase decisions as a direct result from a Tweet from an influencer. However, finding an effective YouTuber, Snapchatter, Blogger, Instagrammer who will resonate with your brand is a task and that’s precisely the reason why creating a perfect strategy is important for the success of your brand’s influencer marketing campaign.

First things first. Who is an influencer? In the parlance of social media, an influencer is a person who has the ability to influence the decision of their visitors as he/she is trusted and followed by a large audience. Their recommendations are almost like gospel as people believe them to be trend setters and subject matters experts.  Influencer marketing is a process of brand promotion and the goals vary from one campaign to another like enhancing exposure, boosting sales, promotion of a new product, getting leads or simply gaining more traffic. Irrespective of the goal, influencer marketing works for sure and is one of the rapidly growing consumer acquisition processes.

How to ace influencer strategy for your brand?

The right influencer strategy must be worked out in detail. It benefits every group starting from the brand, the digital influencer, and the audience of social media. But most of the times companies select to work with the wrong influencer and fail to optimize their association with the influencer. Before the brand reaches the right influencer, they should know the target audience, the type of campaign, and the amount they are ready to spend on the campaign. Once these variables and the key performance indicators are fixed, brands can start scouting for the social media stars to assist them in reaching their goals. 

Here are some of the best ways to ace the influencer strategy for your brand:

1. Look for influencers that suit your brand campaigning goals 

There are several ways in which a brand can get the right influencer, although performing Google search for influencers who appeal to your brand’s required demographic is the best way to start. But accessing the discovery method on some of the best platforms of social media like YouTube, Snapchat, etc. can assist brands in finding the digital influencers. In fact, there are specific tools like even on Hootsuite which can suggest right influencers after mapping the brand and social media star’s content. Once the influencer is found, brands should start reviewing the influencer’s content to ensure that there is an alignment between the influencer’s personality and that of your brand. Also supervise the engagement level that the shortlisted influencer possesses with their followers and check if they are previously in collaboration with other companies on influencer marketing campaigns.

2. Catch the attention of social media influencer

One of the finest ways to obtain a social media influencer’s attention is by having healthy communication with them on their channels. As most of the influencers are perfectly engaged with their visitors, at first a friendly tweet or some comment on their photo or blog post serves great as an introduction. This helps in putting a brand on the radar of the influencer. After the first attempt of contact, the brand should craft a personal but concise email describing why your company selects the influencer and how your campaign is going to benefit every party.

3. Try to remain definite and professional for the influencer outreach 

Some of the brands indeed build a long-lasting relationship with the social media influencer, but you should know that they are professionals and should be treated well. The influencer strategy should be designed in such a way that it should communicate the business intentions clearly and honestly. The initial emails should clearly describe the vision as well as the goals of the campaign, what all they expect from the influencer, etc. The deliverables and the compensation should be discussed too. Once you get the influencer’s consent, strengthen the arrangement with a professional influencer agreement.

4. Develop a positive and long term bond

With every business transaction, a small thank you note after launching of the campaign can really work in reinforcing the brand bond with the social media influencer and go forward in building a long-term relationship with the digital influencer. Another way is to remain active online and increase your chance of getting more collaboration from the influencer for upcoming campaigns.

Selecting the perfect influencer for the brand campaigns is a time-consuming process and most of the brands do not possess the resource or knowledge on reaching the correct social media influencer for their campaign’s success. By following the above steps, it becomes easy to ace the influencer strategy for your brand.