How to bridge the gap between Clicks to Conversion

by ACN Editor
There is nothing worse than having absolutely great service and good website traffic, but somehow not being able to get any conversions. You very well know you have got it, yet you are struggling to convince your users to buy-in. Most of you out there would think that if you built an offering then definitely your target audience would go for it. Right? Well, you built it, however, the rest did not just work out as you assumed it to be.

So, what should you do now?

The good news is that you need not get stuck with that low conversion rate. You can see immediate improvement with just few tweaks here and there. Let’s now explore the top 5 ways to boost your website conversion rate.

1) Leverage A/B Testing

As you know A/B testing involves creating ‘A’ and ‘B’ versions of a single page. You can then check which one results in higher conversion. When you continuously do this several times, you will be able to freeze on a template that results in higher conversion. Having said that there are various aspects to consider when it comes to a webpage. So, we have made it simpler. Testing the following major components can help you get closer to your conversion goals:

- Offers - slightly tweaking your discounts and offers can result in huge conversions
- Headline - trying negative headlines, positive headlines and the ones that make huge promises can help you know what intrigues your users
- Call-to-action buttons - trying directive (like Subscribe now) and conversational statements (like ‘I would like to buy)
- Page layout - more images, more bullets or lesser texts are some options that can be tried out

2) Clearly Showcase Your Differentiators

When users visit your website, they should understand what exactly you offer and how that is better than the rest. Presenting attractive value proposition is crucial to get your conversion rates soaring. Also, you can target those who are unfamiliar with your website with the following questions:

- Discover what we offer in just 5 seconds
- Did our offer confuse you
- Would you make a purchase based on what you saw

Now, the answers to these questions help you rate the way you present your differentiators. 

3) Avoid Cluttered Designs

Layouts with too many visuals or too much content can simply stress your target audience. This psychologically refrains your users from converting. Following are some of the major design aspects that you should be fixing:

- Too many CTAs - just place one at the prime point
- Loading time - there is no alternative to quick loading time
- Clumsy fonts - use-easy to-read fonts
- Numerous fields - these will only confuse your users

4) Show that You Can Get Results

Well, nobody likes a lot of talk without any proof. This is exactly where social media can come to your rescue. Getting real people to talk about how they benefited from your offerings can help you. You can also demonstrate how you assisted a customer to succeed. This helps you to showcase your proven track record. Whitepapers, case studies and e-books can help you achieve this. Adding some testimonies on your billing page can also add some value. After all, testifying the benefits of your offerings will simply boost your conversion rates.

5) Still, Nothing’s Working? Consider A Complete Makeover

You made all these tweaks, yet your website is not bringing in any conversions? Then it is time to consider a complete makeover. Sometimes, simple tweaks might just not fix the problem. While this calls for some upfront investment, the long-term benefits could be great. This is definitely not just about the cost. Look at the benefits that you will reap over the next 1, 2 or 5 years. It could be tremendous. Considering that the initial investment is surely worth every penny. Crafting a conversion-centered website is a tiny short-term investment that comes with a big long-term payoff.

Summing Up
Most of the marketers and business owners attribute low conversion rates to poor service or product. However, the truth is nothing close to it. Minor aspects can hugely impact user decisions. It could be anything from a clumsy page layout to a lack of proof about your offering. Trying the above tricks to make some tweaks here and there can help you see a hike in your conversion rates.