How to Convince Management to Invest in Content Marketing?

by ACN Editor
The significance of content marketing and the benefits it offers are nothing new to marketers today. However, when it comes to convincing your boss to invest in content marketing that can be a new challenge in itself. This is mainly because top management executives always try to weigh all the possibilities before they make an investment. Moreover, even after its tremendous growth in popularity over the past few years, content marketing is not fully understood by C-level executives.

Having said that, your number one dilemma would be - “How to sell your best ideas to your boss”?

Why just content marketing, marketing, in general, can be tricky in getting a buy in from your management to invest in newer marketing techniques. Be it a bootstrapping startup or a multi-million-dollar organization, the challenge of convincing your boss to invest in your content marketing strategy can be quite intriguing. So, one way is to showcase the incredible potential of content marketing to your manager.

Here is your 5-step plan to achieve the same. You might now be thinking that you have the toughest boss. However, there are some common drivers to which every boss responds similarly. We have put together those points exclusively for you.

Make a Stable Plan with Clarity
Small Startups generally have informal internal communication and this can be great. However, this only sets the tone to present your proposal with clarity and confidence. Even if you have a small presentation, it should be convincing.

The best way would be to present your executives with a clear plan, which addresses the following pain points:

1. Why is it a viable plan?
2. What kind of content are you planning to create?
3. How often should the content be created?
4. Where will the content be posted and promoted?
5. How will you start and what about the resources?
6. What type of outcomes can be expected?

Chalking out these and presenting it gives them a clear picture, even if it does not make them invest in it immediately.

Show the Numbers
Managers respond very well to numbers, particularly if those numbers seem workable to them. So, here you can explain to your boss what kind of results your content marketing investment would yield. Some of the points to include here are:

1. How many leads would you be able to generate
2. What % of ROI can you expect
3. How much new business can you make through content marketing
4. How can content marketing boost your conversion rates

Present Trustworthy Reports and Statistics
Today, there are thousands of useful market insights and reports from reliable sources that help you understand how your marketing strategy works and yields benefits. Identify the same and present it to your boss. Some examples include:

1. Explaining how content marketing yields higher leads compared to traditional techniques
2. It costs lesser than the other marketing methods
3. How extensive blogging generates higher leads
4. How content marketing prepares your customers for purchase
5. How people like to read and understand a product or a service before they plan to invest in it

Explaining these assures your boss that this can be a highly viable strategy.

Showcase Your Plan to Cut through the Competition
Besides showing enticing numbers, cutting through the competition is one thing that every boss would want to know. So, showcase the competitive edge that content marketing gives you. First, you show how you found out what exactly your competitors are doing. Then explain your plan to leapfrog your competitors.

Be Realistic
When you try to convince your boss to invest in content marketing, you might not get the response you anticipate, and this can get frustrating. However, it is important that you do not showcase any numbers or make promises, which you might not be able to achieve. Explain the actual timeline required to achieve the results. Content marketing takes time to work, but the results are incredible.

Before you approach your boss, compile all the points that you have gathered and created a workable plan. Once you are convinced about the plan, take it to your superior for their perusal. Doing this will not only assure them about your capabilities, but it makes you fully aware of what you are getting into.