CMS Asia launches Virtual CXO Platform, Enrolls over 50 CXOs from across APAC region

by ACN Editor
Asia’s largest content marketing platform, CMS Asia has announced its new platform called vCXO which aims to create a community of C-Suite business leaders who can help other business leaders as their Virtual CXOs. This vCXO platform has the following profiles as Virtual CXOs - 

1. Virtual CCO (Chief Content Officer)
2. Virtual CDO (Chief Digital Officer)
3. Virtual CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
4. Virtual CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
5. Virtual CEO (Virtual Chief Executive Officer)
6. Virtual CCO (Chief Creative Officer)
7. Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer)
8. Virtual CTO (Chief Technology Officer) 

With the new normal due to ongoing crisis, hiring for senior positions has become difficult for many organisations and companies are finding it hard to hire senior resources for a long term as a permanent employee due to budgetary constraints. vCXO platform enables businesses to hire important resources on a short-term basis for strategic inputs without having to worry about hiring a permanent resource. 

vCXO platform has already enrolled over 50 such experts from across the Asia Pacific region who are ready to consult businesses for their various strategic requirements. The key markets from where these vCXOs have been enrolled are Australia, Singapore, India, US & South East Asia, while there is decent representation from all other Asian countries as well. 

Talking about the launch, RP Singh, Chief Curator - CMS Asia shares his vision about the platform, “We have seen how the business environment has changed in the last 6 months due to the ongoing crisis which is forcing business to take some difficult decisions especially when it comes to cost cutting. At times, it means retrenchment. This is where the platform becomes very useful for such businesses who had to let go of some important resources but still need someone to look after a particular function. We have enrolled renowned C-Suite leaders from across the globe to help businesses strategically

To know more & enroll as a vCXO, you can click HERE