Common Mistakes in Digital Content Writing – With Tips to Avoid Them

by RP Singh
Content Marketing strategy includes so many elements that it can become overwhelming at time and some mistakes are bound to happen. Let’s agree to the fact that there’s no formula to optimize your written content for search engines & your users. However, there are a lot of good SEO content creation strategies that can be used for this, but it is always important to avoid the most frequent mistakes first. This way you can easily develop a thriving writing approach that can be applied to any topic.    

Time and again, the track to top search page turns out to be clearer when you become aware of particularly what to avoid. Here, I have brought you a list of 5 common mistakes frequent done in digital content creation and essential tips to avoid them. Just keep on reading to make out them and help your next article show up in the Google’s search rankings.

1. Low-Grade Content Quality
Today, even the smallest local brand knows the value of writing content of high quality. When customers visit your site and they find nothing there or a content having not enough information about your business, then they are likely to move on to your competitor’s site. If your main objective of marketing is to draw, retain and convert the customers, then it is vital to write a major amount of quality content.    
There is no question in that writing misleading titles can annoy the readers and cause your content to come off as cheap quality. The tip here is to write exhilarating titles and content inside the article that make people want to read it to the end. When you create optimized, first-rate quality content, there are much better chances for your customers to coming across you – sticking with you.

2. Conflicting Content
There are a lot of websites that feature conflicting content, meaning the content doesn’t deliver as it assures, whether it is due to failure to adjust to the website itself or a wrong link between what your customers searched for and what they found after hitting a mouse click on the content. You should always deliver the type of content your customers look forward to. Dissatisfying them with ambiguous content will not be good for the image of your brand.   
If your in-house writers are busy with other projects, you can seek other option to help keep up your business growth. Look for a platform that lets you to merge and track your content creation, assisting you make sure that you are again and again producing quality content to keep and cultivate your client base. 
3. Content with No Images
A content that is short of relevant pictures or other interactive materials is less attractive. People don’t like to gaze at a large chunk of text on their laptop’s screen, albeit it’s the most convincing text in the world. Devoid of appropriate images your content is ineffective. So, it is good to add photos and other multimedia options to your content to keep your customers occupied and amused.

4. No Measurement of Content Success
Without any question, it is crucial to track and analyze your content as soon as you put it for all on the internet. Having the most excellent digital content creation tactic doesn’t mean anything if you expect only the best once your content is live. How would you make out how many people you are getting in touch with through the social networking and where you rank in the top search engines? It is recommended to get a platform that simplifies your content analytics, tracks the reach of your content through clicks and social sharing, so that you are able to constantly optimize your tactic.

5. Content without SEO
One more mistake frequently done by content writers is creating the content without doing the SEO. Optimizing your content is of great importance. It is always vital to check the spelling and grammar, consider if the content is able to be read, make sure that you place right keywords at the right place. Also, make certain that the length of the content is suitable and you crack down on your specific concerns like requiring a certain number of links or pictures, word count and so on. This gives you assurance that your content is fully optimized.

So now you know what mistakes are done by most content writers and how you can avoid these mistakes. All the best for your content to succeed! Don’t worry, you will get better and better with time. 

About the Author 
RP Singh is the Chief Curator of Content Marketing Summit Asia, the largest content marketing event in APAC.