Content has got us strong sales - Vishal Parekh, Kingston Technology & HyperX

by ACN Editor
Our team caught up with Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director at Kingston Technology & HyperX, APAC Regional – India & Philippines, to understand how Content helps them drive their organizational objectives. The excerpts of the conversation are given below

Q. What do you think the role of Content is for your organization/brand? How does it fit in the overall marketing mix?

A. For me, Content has got us strong sales.

1. Since we have quality products according to global standards, it has been easier for us when customers generate content for us and endorse us on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. This adds value to our overall sales experience.
2. For marketing purpose, we use content to redirecting traffic to multiple platforms, online and in-store
3. Awareness campaigns for multiple aspects of business
4. Generating and sustaining Engagements  with our audiences

B. Marketing mix – it is the core of our messaging to all our audiences. We cater to very diverse product categories where the content has to be easy yet informative. With a majority of our brand communications now on digital and social platforms, we have seen a rise in the traction from our audiences by about 70%.

Q. Given Storage is a low involvement category, how do you use content to engage & involve your customers?

A. On the contrary, Storage is a deeper topic that takes focused involvement. One may be forced to assume this category requires minimum efforts, however, this is one area that requires intense messaging to bring clarity and product differentiation.

B. What we did for our storage category:

1. We have had varied content designed for storage. First being dedicated to technology awareness campaigns, followed by bringing benefits, campaigns for redirecting traffic and sales specific campaigns.

2. We even promoted Service related content specific for our storage SKUs and solutions.

Q. How do you differentiate your content for resellers & end customers?

Our content is always customized for both these audiences with stark differences being with the value they would derive. For example, our channel partners would be excited to get our communication on schemes and upcoming trends, however, end customers may find it confusing or may not affect their buying pattern.

Q. In last 2 years, how has the role of content changed for Kingston?
According to me, Content is becoming more closer to both, the brands and its customers. With our content getting more information driven, it has got us a lot closer to audience and helped us target potential customers. In the last couple of years, we are seeing a healthy rise in the levels of social conversations about our content, increase in the sales queries and better handling of service cases.

Q. What is your ideal allocation of content marketing budget across Creation, Management, Distribution & Measurement?
This is an internal allocation. However, we take this case basis, depending on the content value and platforms.

Q. Do you re-purpose regional or global content for India? Any successful examples that you can share? 

1. Being a global brand, yes, we do localize relevant content for Indian audiences. Given that our products are standard all across the globe, we still prefer Indian content to connect better.

2. For HyperX, we had campaign called ‘HyperX Pro Talks’ on FB with professionals from different categories in the gaming industry. This was a video series, based on fun interactions, to subtly create a hype about ‘HyperX being the best gaming brand’. With this campaign, we were able to reach about 120,000 gamers and have generated over 25,000 views.

Q. Any content marketing campaigns or projects that you are proud of, in the last 18-24 months?

Yes, we did a superb awareness campaign last year – ‘Kya Aapka Laptop Slow Hai (Is your laptop slow?)’ – for introducing benefits of SSDs. This was a 10 city campaign and we reached over 25,000 SMBs and SMEs for participation. We held on-ground events in 3 cities for the 100 selected entries who got to try the Kingston SSDs on their working laptops. This also became a lead generation campaign which our sales team took over with one on one meetings.