Every Marketer should be a Content Professional Today - Geetu Bhatnagar, Oracle

by ACN Editor
ACN Editorial team recently got a chance to ask Geetu Bhatnagar some burning questions facing todays' marketers. Please check out the quick excerpts from our discussion below

Q: For a B2B Tech organization, content & marketing often go hand in hand. What do you envisage the role of Content for Oracle? Do you see it going beyond marketing in the coming years? 

GB: Traditionally, on the b2b side of Content Marketing-Content Managers, copywriters, designers, would feel creatively choked or hand tied as they were asked to churn out facts, figures, features and define “Business benefits” to inform and educate. But the tide has turned and content engagements are to inspire, and engage instinctively.

Q. Do you believe B2B companies are much ahead of the curve when it comes to using Content for marketing?

GB: There is not a definitive response on that – it differs from Industry, target audience, messaging etc – but I just feel B2B organizations are definitely more Data driven. So the content can be specific, targeted and precise in outcomes.

Q. Sales cycles are usually very long in the B2B sector, how does that change the role of content across the funnel? 

GB: The nurturing of content is the key. We have multiple tools today to create milestones and nurture the Content Journey – online to offline, and back and forth.

Q. How would you advise marketers to measure their content marketing efforts in such scenarios?

GB: Engagement is the Key. And that can be measured and tracked. Click through, Impressions etc in Online Content strategy are not relevant anymore. Building the engagement, through assessing Digital Body language and conversations to deliver specific assets is the key.

Q. What can B2C brands learn from their B2B counterparts? 

GB: Data and Analytics are two factors that define and B2B as superior to broad based b2c marketing

Q. What percentage of content from other markets is re-purposed for India at Oracle? Does global content work for a market like India? 

GB: Digital has no geographical boundaries, so Content that is to be driven online needs very little customization in a country like ours where English is the Business language. Also, India is more Global in terms of awareness, Global leaders of IT Companies being Indian, Largest workforce operating out of India and building for the world. So in IT Industry we curate, and localize Customer stories – most content is topical and relevant for India.

Q. As the marketing lead, how do you see Content Professionals fitting into the overall team? If there are none at the moment, do you see any scope for them in the future?

GB: Fitment is not my concern, I need every Marketer to be a “Content Professional” – In fact in Todays, digital first, every employee if your Content marketer – Social, blogs, Influencer marketing – all are great platforms to engage and position your brand, its value, ethics, positioning, impact etc.

Q. Finally, do you believe the world is moving to 'Human to Human' rather than B2B or B2C?

GB: Well, I call to H2H – “Heart to head”! The Brand needs to make the Heart feel and the Head think – so the strategy has to be between catering to positioning the products and services that make the consumer emote