Content works best when it compounds over time - Christoph Trappe, Global Content Expert

by ACN Editor
ACN team spoke to Global Content Expert, Christoph Trappe on what does it take to be successful content marketer. Here are some excerpts from the conversation. 

Q. As global expert in Content, how do you see role of content changing in the last decade or so? Is it safe to assume that it is not limited to marketing alone? 

Content can be used across many different disciplines and already has been. If you think about it every time somebody shares a story that’s content. Even when somebody publishes something in the newspaper that’s technically content but might be handled by the public relations team. Other times it’s the social media team.

Q. How do you advise organizations to grow a Content Culture given it is a process which takes a long time to fruition? 

Stop thinking of content as campaigns. Content works best when it compounds over time. It is a process and an investment. But once you do it well the return can just add up.

Q. Generally, the responsibility of content is entrusted upon Marketing department within an organization, how do you see this? Do you think other departments have a role as well? 

All kinds of different departments have stories to share and I would highly recommend that the marketing team works closely with those other departments to share the best stories an organization has to share.

Q. Typically, marketers start their journey with Content Creation, and that becomes almost all the focus with no attention to other aspects of Content Marketing. How do you think one can strike the right balance? 

Content might be king but syndication runs the day today. You have to focus on syndication and testing as well. Great content that doesn’t get syndicated well might not see the light of day. So it is important to find the right balance.

Q. Not everyone can afford a Content Studio in-house like Marriott. How can brands build a smaller version of such setups? 

There’s plenty of tools out there to share stories. For example, I am replying to these questions through voice dictation on my iPhone while sitting in my hotel room in Hong Kong. I don’t even have a laptop with me. There’s so many ways to tell stories nowadays that lack of resources cannot be an excuse. Plus, in all my years of content marketing I’ve never seen a team that actually has had enough time or resources. We can always use more no matter how big we are.

Q. Do you think brands are over obsessed with Video as a format? How do propose using a multi-format approach?

Absolutely. While video is important it’s not the end-all to anything. Make video part of your create once, publish everywhere strategy but don’t just routinely do just a video on its own. And definitely don’t just do video just on social media. Make sure it has a place on your website.

Q. What are 3 key ingredients for a successful content marketing recipe? 

1. Content uniqueness - know what stories you can tell that are unique to you. 

2. Determination - keep sharing and syndicating them.

3. Testing new channels - whether it’s virtual reality video or podcasts or whatever is next always try new ways to get your content shared.

About Christoph Trappe
A trained journalist, Christoph Trappe expanded his journalistic storytelling skills in content marketing across many industries, including healthcare, SaaS and publishing. Today, he’s a global top 25 content marketer and top 100 digital marketer. His blog has been listed as a valuable resource to journalists. A two-time author he most recently was chief content officer at Cedar Rapids-based Stamats, where he helped the company’s publishing arm evolve  editorial teams into a content-performance culture and the use of the Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE) model.