How TATA Power made everyone a part of green movement called Greenolution

by ACN Editor

Greenolution was launched by Tata Power to promote green living through identified initiatives, driven by the employees. 

The objective of Greenolution is to traverse the sustainability journey of the organization by ‘making green living, the way of life’. Through Greenolution, Tata Power has driven efforts and programs that infuse the belief of sustainability as a ‘movement’ by making everybody a part of it.

There are nine areas of implementation for Greenolution activities listed by Tata Power. Employees conduct various activities, campaigns, drives, and sessions under these key themes. 

Taking a two-pronged marketing approach of push and pull, Greenolution is implemented through ‘Greenolution plan’ and ‘Green Hero’ concept. The former is a push mechanism that lists yearly timeline along which various green initiatives are carried out by the Greenolution team, which is the central team to drive and monitor Greenolution within the organisation. The latter is a pull mechanism where employees are encouraged to take green initiatives.

Green Hero campaign recognizes the green efforts undertaken by employees that have made a positive difference in the society. They act as a catalyst who lead by example and get rewarded and recognized for their endeavours. This is a unique self-sustaining initiative, which has evolved over the years and has encouraged employees to innovate and ideate and come up with green solutions.


Greenolution plan lists all the activities and campaigns. In the yearly plan, a monthly theme is assigned based on any festival / topical themes. Initiatives are carried out, either by way of poster campaigns, on ground activity, and social media activities or through contests.

Green Hero campaign was launched to encourage the employees to participate and drive Greenolution. Green Heroes also gather momentum to the ongoing movement by motivating others to participate actively. Through Greenolution referral programs, Green Heroes also refer other Tata Power employees to take green initiative. To make this movement more inclusive, it was further cascaded to employees’ children through ‘junior green heroes’ and to employee spouses through 'Green Kin'.

A simple approach to engagement has been designed to ensure maximum reach and visibility. From communication to planning and implementation, these are easily replicable pillars to cover employees across various organizations. 

Under Greenolution, nine areas of implementation activities are focused on:

1. Carbon Footprint Mapping and Monitoring

2. Implementation of 100% recycled paper usage

3. Tree plantation at all our plants and site locations

4. Saving water at all our locations

5. Saving fuel through carpooling 

6. Waste Management at our offices

7. Energy conservation & efficiency initiatives at our locations and outside

8. Reducing air travel and using webcast/ video conferencing

9. Participation in ‘Clean your city’ drives and campaigns


The campaign communication is executed through emails and Posters, to cover all touch-points. A weekly green hero mail is released across Tata Power through email. The content is also updated on the website, newsletter and other tools mentioned above. Key campaigns around the same are also communicated through posters. Dedicated training sessions are also conducted periodically, especially for youngsters as Green Heroes. 

Digital Platform: The Greenolution website ( lists all details on green initiatives undertaken by the company, along with the monthly newsletter ‘Greenolution Digest’. 

Green Heroes: Identified as ambassadors of eco-awareness, a Green hero is one who undertakes green initiatives and becomes the torch-bearer for spreading the message of sustainability. Green Heroes choose the green cause on their own and share within the organization how they can make a difference through simple changes in ways of operation. 

R&R: A robust reward and recognition mechanism has been framed to incentivise green heroes and recognise their work. Every good green practice by a green here is shared through company-wide emails and the website. Employees participating in various Greenolution activities and quizzes of the Green Digest, are rewarded with various theme based gifts. At subsequent stages, the practices are shortlisted, and concerned Green heroes are recognized by CEO & MD.


Since the inception of Greenolution, 1700 green heroes have been identified with 450 green initiatives and 150 green innovations.

In FY19 1010 employees participated in the theme-based Greenolution campaigns like ' Be Active Citizen', 'Green Ganesha', 'Green Volunteering' etc.

The year-on-year growth rate of green heroes was 53%, reaching to 700 heroes. Correspondingly, the number of green initiatives taken up rose by 17% to 192. 

A majority of Greenolution’s initiatives are from the categories of 'Reuse, Reduce and Recycle' and ‘Water conservation’, which save cost I turn allowing for resources to be used for purposes. 

In FY18, 

- 700 Green Heroes volunteered for 1680 Hours altogether for Tree Plantation, Recycling, Animal Rescue and resource conservation. 
- 3191 nos of trees were planted, 71 Tonnes of Metal waste was recycled, 3,83,682 litres water was conserved, 7.5 Tonnes of papers were saved and 35 animals were rescued.

Disclaimer: This case study & the corresponding data was submitted by Tata Power for CMS Asia awards and has not been edited by our editors.