TATA Power club enerji - The campaign that helped win Content Marketing Company of the Year Award

by ACN Editor

Tata Power Club Enerji (TPCE) is a sustainability driven campaign aimed at creating awareness among school students, who in turn, sensitise their families and neighbourhood towards energy and resource conservation and imbibe moral & civic values through various dynamic and innovative practices. 

This first such nationwide program by a power utility company to proactively educate future generations to curb wastage, focuses on bringing about a first-hand realisation of the energy crisis and scarcity of natural resources in the country. With the increasing demand for energy, effective management and conservation of the same has become the need of the hour.

TPCE conducts various events to engage school children and spread the message of energy & resource conservation through a number of outreach & engagement initiatives. 

Recognizing the immense value that schools and school children can bring to the initiative and taking due consideration of this urgent need, Tata Power started "Tata Power Club Enerji", to propagate efficient usage of energy and to educate the society on climate change issues. It is looking to contribute towards nation building by creating responsible citizens who will focus on Energy & Resource Conservation, Fuel Conservation, Water Management, Waste Management, Afforestation, Moral & Civic Values Conservation.


The Club believes in sensitising school children, college students, their teachers and their parents, as well as the society at large on the importance of saving power and using it efficiently, and the importance of moral & civic values in becoming better citizens. 

Club members undergo four stages of sensitisation -Educate, Enhance, Engage, and Empower, and we guide members throughout these four stages to develop a self-sustained community that will take the cause forward independently in their sphere of influence.

The approach focuses on:

• Combating Climate Change: By Reducing CO2 footprint, saving resources and making a difference in environment conservation.

• Self-sustaining movement: Sensitize students, who in turn sensitize their families and neighbourhood which helps children drive the initiative and develop leadership qualities.

• Creating Responsible Citizens: Who conserve energy and natural resources, as well as imbibe and promote civic & moral values. 

• Scalable: The model is scalable to all schools as content is in sync with school curriculum. Our 4E approach ( Educate, Engage, Empower, Enhance) can be scaled to sensitise children from various categories of schools including state, government schools across various boards and colleges.

• Multiple touch points: Numerous interactions through the year, including three visits per student group annually.

• Latest technology: Use communications platforms like online module, social media, interactive website.


The Club carries out activities are all round the year like competitions and events to stimulate interest, educate, sensitize and advocate judicious use of electricity among members and the community. 

• 600 Interactive sessions through In-class Educational Films, presentations and competitions are undertaken. 

• Principal & Mentors Meet: An annual meet is organised to interact with them and learn about their opinion.

• Mass Sensitisation Activities: Students and teachers are involved in a series of outdoor activities like street plays, rallies, walkathons, plantation drives which help create awareness on conservation topics. 

• Mini Club Enerjis: These are independent entities that drive the cause of energy conservation by their own innovative ideas, like celebrating occasions like Earth Hour, conductive rallies, street plays and poster competition throughout the year thereby sensitising their friends, parents and neighbours.

• Energy Quiz-Energy Q & Carnival: Energy Q is a national Quiz competition organized for school children across various locations. The students also participate in an Energy Carnival, where they showcase their ideas and solutions through projects, demonstrations and working models.

• Digital Platforms: Sensitization through Online Module on our dedicated website – www.clubenerji.com. This annual theme-based module (‘Say No-To-Plastics’ for FY19) reaches a wider audience Nationally and Internationally.


In 2018-19, Club Enerji has reached out to 280 schools across India. This year the Club has sensitised over 4.5 million people and saved 4.8 Million Units of electricity.

Impact across 10 years:

• Reached out to more than 533 schools India across cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Jamshedpur & Lonavala.

• Sensitised more than 23.8 million citizens till date.

• Saved more than 29.8 million units of energy till date.

• Mitigated 29,000 tonnes of CO2.

• Registered of 2,92,971 Energy Champions till date.

• Registered 3,39,297 Energy Ambassadors till date.

• 2017 self-sustaining mini clubs.

• 32,000 followers on social media platforms.

• The Club Enerji movement was showcased at a prestigious, global platform at a TEDx IIM Ahmedabad event on the topic: “Driving Conservation Through Shaping the Future Generation", under 'Renaissance 2.0: Inspiring a better tomorrow'. A case study, done by IIM Ahmedabad, on the Club Enerji initiative titled, 'Club Enerji: The Case Study of Tata Power’s initiative to promote Energy Conservation among School Children' has been selected for publication at the 'International Conference on the Natural/Applied Sciences, Environmental Engineering and Clean Energy Technologies for Sustainable Development”(SYNERGY-2016) 

Disclaimer: The campaign data has been shared by Tata Power for CMS Asia Awards and has not been edited by our Editors.