Best experiential content - Syska's Magic Christmas Tree case study

by ACN Editor
Syska wanted to do a campaign for it’s Smart Bulbs range to highlight and display its multiple features.

In the campaign ‘The Magic Christmas Tree’ for Syska, we took the route of cashing on the Christmas buzz and weave the campaign around the same. So we created a magic booth for Christmas. We decorated India’s Tallest Christmas Tree with Syska Smart Bulbs and placed a Smart Assistant (Amazon Alexa) inside the booth. Kids visiting the booth could wish a colour of their choice to the tree and see the magic of Christmas tree changing colours, highlighting Syska’s range of colours and its ease of use. 

We recorded the entire campaign: From the setup to kid’s reactions when they saw the colour of the lights change. The tree belongs to Douglas Saldanha, whose sister died of cancer and her last wish was to light up the tree every Christmas, so she can see it from heaven. By making a special booth for kids and lighting up the tree, we lived up to her last wish! The tree was at its brightest and colourful.

A Magic booth was setup opposite the christmas tree, where Amazon Alexa and a mike was set up, giving kids the best view of the tree. Wifi routers were placed all around the tree for the bulbs to interact with Alexa placed in the booth. All the kids had to do was prompt,

“Alexa, Change Magic Tree to Red. “

NGO kids from a nearby church were also invited for a Christmas party and try out the magic themselves to believe it. A video of the on-ground activity was created and promoted on The Times of India as an article and video.

The campaign video tapping the festive spirit was very well received with a whooping 3,20,000+ video views and 68,000+ page views on The Times of India. Most importantly, the campaign put a wide grin on the faces of 150+ kids who got to experience the magic of Christmas at the venue for over a period of 2 days.

Check out the campaign video here 

Disclaimer: This case study & the corresponding data was submitted by Times Internet for CMS Asia awards and has not been edited by our editors.