A biryani that is worth a war - How Behrouz created intrigue for Biryani lovers?

by ACN Editor

Biryani is a 2000 crore completely unorganized market with a few local players enjoying domination in major cities of India. Behrouz was launched in late 2016 as a premium Biryani (Digital only) brand in the country. The brand since its inception in July’16 has grown to over 150 crore brand in a mere span of 2 years. The objective of the campaign was to generate awareness & interest by creating intrigue around the brand.


The primary role of the campaign was to create awareness in 25-40 SEC A, B1 consumers across 15 cities (Pre-campaign awareness was at 14%) by making Behrouz as a default preference for Celebrations & Special occasions.

Identifying the right target group

Behrouz being a PREMIUM biryani brand, the intent was to reach 25-40 SEC A, B1 consumers across 15 cities by making it a default preference for celebrations and special occasions. In addition to Geo-targeting, we identified the following data points which helped us identify and target our customers in a more intelligent way:

a. Financial Services & Travel Affinity segments have good traffic and highest conversion

b. Age group 25-35 have 60% of the traffic with a higher propensity to purchase


The need was to convey the brand persona by creating a story around the tagline: ‘The Biryani that was worth a war, Is definitely worth a try!’. An ad was filmed with delicious shots and voiced by Raza Murad.

We wanted to create top of mind recall for Behrouz in the Biryani category as a Digital ONLY brand.

Youtube (30%)

Google analytics Data suggested that people who are in the in-market categories of travel & investment had the highest conversion rates, we used this data to target people along with those who order from Swiggy, Zomato.

Hotstar (20%)

We were the Associate Sponsor for Asia Cup on Hotstar. As a part of the campaign, we did target mid-rolls between 7-10 pm to our TG. We also took the Super6 property during the tournament

Influencer Marketing (10%)

Extensively leveraged influencers to tweet about our campaigns & also review the Food. Ran #spottheroyalbiryani contests in the cities in which we had hoardings & gratified users.


The campaign increased brand awareness by huge numbers. Here are some of the figures which bowled us over. 

- Overall 150cr + brand (3x revenue growth in 6 months of the campaign)

- 100mn+ digital impressions

- #1 Trending on Twitter in Mumbai (15mn impressions)

- Behrouz brand keywords are 30% of biryani category & 10x of order intent keywords (order biryani online)

- Highest Customer Market share across category across aggregator network

4x increase in awareness.

- 4x growth in brand searches • 5x growth in web and app traffic • 3x growth in New Customers • 3x growth in transactions and revenue

- 25% reduction in CPP post-campaign period • 86% higher ad recall (Youtube Brandlift survey) • 45% higher brand awareness (Youtube Brandlift survey)

- In the top quartile or above benchmark across target groups in Youtube Brand Lift Survey

- 2x growth in traffic post TV campaign with 40% Month on month brand growth

And thus, we cooked up a delicious campaign making Behrouz Biryani the most loved biryani brand of the country! After all, the Biryani that was worth a war, is definitely worth the 100+ Million Impressions. And guess what, Behrouz also won the ‘Best delivery restaurant’ in the Times Food & Nightlife awards.

Check out the Campaign Video here 

Disclaimer: This case study & the corresponding data was submitted by Rebel Foods for CMS Asia awards and has not been edited by our editors.