How Pregakem propagated the idea of Parenthood for all

by ACN Editor

Pregakem is a pregnancy detection kit from the house of Alkem Laboratories Ltd. and is one of the leading brands in the category of home pregnancy test kits today. As a new entrant in the market at the time of the campaign, our objective was to reach not only the target audience for product consumption but also the people around the target group who can influence their buying decisions.

The challenge that we overcame to an imperative question was that by showcasing a disabled couple will we be alienating the actual audience that purchases our product. The unanimous conclusion was based on psychology. By showcasing a unique emotional problem of a disabled couple, we might win massive affinity amongst our regular buying customers. We are a responsible brand and we do not differentiate. 

As a brand, Pregakem believes that pregnancy is a wonderful & exciting journey where both the partners are equally involved, which is why we don’t just believe in but actively promote the idea of the joy of Parenthood for all. The challenge here was to communicate the story in a memorable manner, one that hadn’t been done before. Another challenge was to push the boundaries of ‘Parenthood’ and make it not a privilege enjoyed by the ‘normal’ few but joy and right for all."


Pregakem believes that Parenthood goes beyond the limiting notions of motherhood or fatherhood. Our earlier campaign #WeArePregnant was conceived on this thought and was widely appreciated in various forms. We wanted to take the idea ahead, but with a message that would strike a chord of realisation and break myths and barriers in the process.

During the research process, we became aware of a myth that people had about the differently-abled community and pregnancy. People had a perception that differently-abled people only conceive differently-abled children, which are somehow not ‘normal’. However, this isn’t the case and we wanted to burst this narrow-minded myth. Thus, we came with the idea of ‘#ParenthoodForAll’ – to state that parenthood as experience should be an inclusive one, not one fuelled by incorrect perceptions.

Though representing a small community, our idea was to propagate that everyone, no matter the challenges, deserves the opportunity to experience parenthood.


The idea was executed in various stages, with the Digital Film #ParenthoodForAll as the centrepiece. For the film, actors who believed in and could convincingly portray the idea were roped in. Since the video campaign showed the story of differently-abled people who are mute and deaf, we wanted to make sure that the actors could authentically portray their interactions. . We conducted introductory workshops and the actors also learnt sign language from a sign language expert.

Upon its release, the #ParenthoodForAll video was promoted across social media platforms, and content seeding was carried out across various relevant social media groups and the differently-abled communities. Apart from this, we also created and circulated social media content revolving around the #ParenthoodForAll theme. We highlighted the campaign on the Pregakem website and diverted online traffic towards the video."


Currently, the video stands at 4.7 Million+ views, 5700+ shares, 900+ comments and 70,000 reactions on Facebook itself, most of which was organic due to the high engagement it had. The video was appreciated by many, and popular social media pages such as Meri Saheli, Social Samosa, Campaigns of the world, etc., also shared the content further which for us was like social proofing about the recognition and acceptance of the idea.

Disclaimer: This case study & the corresponding data was submitted by Pregakem team for CMS Asia awards and has not been edited by our editors.