How flipped the marketing funnel to create Omni-channel content for users?

by ACN Editor
In the business of beauty, touch and feel has always been an integral part of the buying process, and's strategy has always been based on replicating the in-store experience online as best they could, given the confines of the digital arena. Given the vastness and demographic variations of the beauty market in India, they needed to devise a way to tap into the potential of every type of consumer, no matter where they lived or how they consumed content. Check out the case study below to understand how they implemented a great Omni-Channel Content Marketing Strategy.


To create touchpoints with our consumers at every point of their purchase journey by effectively utilizing multiple platforms for awareness, education and engagement; and to create a self-sustaining content ecosystem that can support the former in order to create meaningful engagement that drives conversions and replicates the in-store experience online.


  • Diversifying our content portfolio for previously untapped audiences, platforms and formats with web series, talk shows, TVCs & talk shows plus specialist content for niche categories?

  • Adapting all content to be cross-media creative with flexible formats that can be repurposed for multiple platforms

  • Implementing machine-learning technologies & AI to make our website, m-commerce and app models more immersive & allow consumers to segue seamlessly from discovery to education to purchase.

  • Expanding our reach to non-digital content consumers


  • Tech innovations like single search optimization that allows users to draw up content of various formats with a single keyword/ phrase; unified streaming that allows us to broadcast live videos on YT, FB & app simultaneously; a Watch & Buy feature that maps products used in a video tutorial and allows users to purchase while viewing.

  • Expansion of our brick-and-mortar stores with guided-selling formats that stream tutorials, offer advice from industry experts and curate products basis online trends. 

  • Rebranding Beauty Book as an editorial entity that publishes stylized, brand-agnostic content for evolved consumers.?

  • Diversification of our portfolio to include non-digital platforms like infomercials for barker + linear TV channels, a print edition of our digital magazine published by Penguin & the translation and disseminating our content in regional newspapers?

  • Curating online stores & buying guides (e.g. Foundation Finder) based on trends, sales and focuses that combine the expertise and guidance of a salesperson with the immediacy of online shopping, thus replicating the in-store experience online. 


  • Beauty Book, Nykaa’s in house magazine, enjoys close 2.2mn page views every month

  • Over 5mn subscribers engage with Nykaa through its YouTube handle. Since this video content is played on the in-store screens, we have over 100k customers interacting with the content in our physical stores as well.Niche differentiated content has also found wide appeal amongst the YouTube audience, with Nykaa’s comedy web series, Tinderella series garnering over 1.4mn views and Hindi videos averaging over 1,80,000k views per video

  • 51mn people engage with Nykaa through social media

  • Through Nykaa Network, Nykaa has built a 750k strong community of shoppers that not only shops but also interacts with and even influences other potential customers

  • Content contributes 2% to the GMV of Nykaa

  • The average order value of the content consumer is 15% higher than the Nykaa average. This is true for w.r.t the average basket size as well, which is 10% higher that the Nykaa average.

  • Infomercials too, yield revenue for Nykaa Infomercials average 500 orders in just four hours of air time.

Disclaimer: This case study & the corresponding data was submitted by for CMS Asia awards and has not been edited by our editors.