How ICICI Prudential Life Insurance inspired people to listen to body signs

by ACN Editor

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance came up with a CSR initiative - Listen to your body. In this campaign they encouraged people to pay attention to the signs given by the body. The wanted the audience to act early, be prepared and get regular health check-ups done.

The objective of the campaign ‘Suna Kya? Body Ka Alarm’ (Did you hear Body’s Alarm) is to inspire people to listen to their body and not ignore the signs given by it. Also, the campaign promotes precautionary measures towards a healthy mind and body and provides viewers a call to action.


The body’s way of talking is that of giving signs at certain times. These are like reminders or alarms to take an action. The body often talks to us through sounds. The sounds of pain, agony, cracking bones, beating heart, growling stomach. We often ignore them all and move on. Thus, keeping in mind the core thought ‘Listen to your body’, we add a qualifier - Body Ka Alarm (Body’s Alarm)


The final video was produced on a very strict timeline & high quality. The overarching idea was to create a tune from the sounds made by the body. These sounds are indicators of potential critical diseases. We simultaneously started work on the pre-production and the music creation. The tune had to be composed of elements & sounds that convey the severity of critical illnesses. At the same time it had to be a tune that can be easily hummed and gives the audience a positive vibe to listen to their body and take action. Also, the tune had to include the campaign name 'Suna Kya' (Did you hear) in a subtle yet impactful manner. We composed the music in the exact way and the tune became an internal hit immediately. The addition of the alarm sound along with the voice over - 'Suna Kya - Body Ka Alarm' (Did you hear Body’s Alarm) gave the tune a perfect closing. The video shoot took one complete day wherein we shot the video with 3 characters with 3 different set ups. The characters were briefed with their parts prior to the day of the shooting and were well versed by the day of the shoot. The video had to have shots and expressions that would communicate critical illnesses through the expressions and actions of the characters. Post multiple takes & a day long shoot, we achieved the perfect shots that conveyed the overall message. Post the final edit, we had some work cut out to bring out the various collateral for the campaign. Shorter versions of the tune were created for radio & made creative banners for OOH & digital.

Check out the Video here 


The campaign video was released on the Facebook page of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance. The video received a whopping response on Facebook with over 6 million views, 35,000+ likes, 3000+ shares and 460+ comments, till date within a period of 2 months. The campaign has worked out to be highly engaging and propagating the brand message go viral.

Disclaimer: This case study & the corresponding data was submitted by Times Internet for CMS Asia awards and has not been edited by our editors.