Content Marketing practices at Panasonic - Sarthak Seth, CMO, Panasonic

by Sarthak Seth

We spoke to Sarthak Seth, Chief Marketing Officer - Panasonic who shared some insights on how content helps to create, communicate and conceptualize brand advocacy with consumers - Here are his views on content marketing practices for Panasonic.

In the digital era, where the battle is for visibility, space and acceptance, content marketing is the guiding force leading brands to carve their own niche and amaze customers with their own subtle antics. Conceptualizing, Creating and Communicating – the 3 pillars of content marketing if done rightly acts as a game changer for the brand in the long run. If social media connects us with different communities around the globe, content acts as the catalyst to attract and engage via meaningful pieces to drive conversation.

To create a communication that builds credibility, calls for social interactions, and reaches the target audience with precision, digital is the place to be. Thus, Panasonic India has chosen to articulate its central communication across categories via digital mediums that bridges the consumer needs and product benefits. Each piece of content (social media post, blog, etc.) aims to add value to a consumer’s life, while focusing on the functional and emotional relevance of the products.

The imaging business in India has been flamed to grow leaps and bounds. In the world, where everyone wants to compete for a spot, Lumix is creating its own niche by focusing on videographers and gradually foraying into the space of photographers by encouraging them to step up their skills and adapt to the latest 4K imaging technology. Lumix as a global brand is well known and has been an imminent name among some of richest talent in the art & science of photography. While in India, brand Lumix is growing steadily and is paving the journey with digital milestones aiding brand to consumer interactions. The brand’s focus lies more on creating value for its audience, by celebrating the art of capturing real moments, perfectly. The passion, precision and parameters of photography are the key pillars that dominate their game on social content. Every feature of each product is explained in a simple, relatable manner along with visual cues.