Content Marketing is about ‘Owning’ audience, not ‘Renting’ it

Jul 30, 2019 by Tony Chow
Content Marketing as defined by Content Marketing Institute is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

But yet many believe Content marketing is just another form of advertising. 

1. Content Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint 

Content marketing is a long term investment, and results may not come immediately.  But it is more sustainable and effective in building up your brand, leads, following and eventually sales. 

2. The hero of the story is the Consumer, not the brand

Place your consumer as the hero of your story, and your brand as the supporting character. 
People don’t buy products from brands that position themselves as the hero in the story. They buy products from brands that think their consumers are heroes and give them the tools they need to win the day in their own stories. Consumers should be at the heart of everything we do. 

3. Less is more, not add to the noise

There are already over abundance of content out there. In fact, there are filled with crap content. So do not add more noise to the crowded space, and focus on creating high quality and relevant content. Only so, will you stand out from the noisy crowd. 

4. Providing value first, not about selling 

To build trust, give value first and not think about selling your product. Give them what they want- educate, entertain them- and show that you understand their needs, their pain point, and seek to help them with solution. They ask you answer. 

5. Content going viral is a dream, not the goal

If your content goal is to go viral- then, you are doing it for the wrong reason. This is like going for a one night stand versus a long term relationship.  Instead, focus on creating valuable and quality content that matter to your consumers. 

6. It is about ‘owning’ audience, not ‘renting’ audience

Know your audience is the key to content marketing success.  When you provide value and helpful content- consumers will seek you out and choose to consume it – at their own will. This means you own them- an effective way to build trust.

7. Start a conversation, not a one sided communication

Content marketing is about starting a conversation with the audience.  First, engage them with your inspirational content, spark a conversation and get them to share your content.  It should be a two way traffic, not one sided only. 

8. Data is a must, not just a nice to have.

Creating relevant and valuable content that your audience want is not done in vacuum without leveraging insightful data. Data helps you to understand your audience better and serve them personalized content to build trust and loyalty. 

About the Author 
Tony Chow is an award winning media and marketing leader who has spent the last 22 years working across a broad spectrum of senior roles across international brands and in the broadcast media sector. He is currently the Global Head of Content at HongKong Tourism Board. In his previous role, he has served as the APAC Head of Creative & Content Marketing at Marriott International.